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Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island Java, it is the centre of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia, with a population of around 12 million. Established in the 4th century as Sunda Kelapa, the city became an important trading port for the Sunda Kingdom. It was the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies, when it was known as Batavia. Jakarta is officially a province with special capital region status, but is commonly referred to as a city. The Jakarta provincial government consists of five administrative cities and one administrative regency. Jakarta is sinking up to 17 cm per year, which, coupled with the rising of sea level, has made the city more prone to flooding. Jakarta wheelchair access is poor by western standards, but better than elsewhere in this archipelago nation.¬†

Attractions and Opportunities

Merdeka Square

National Gallery

National Museum of Indonesia

Fatahillah Square

Jakarta Historical Museum

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics

Taman Mini



Jakarta wheelchair access

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