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Managua on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua has an estimated population 1.5 Million. The city was declared the national capital in 1852. Managua’s population is composed predominantly of mestizos and whites who are mainly of Spanish descent. The city was declared the national capital in 1852. Previously, the capital alternated between the cities of León and Granada. The 1972 Nicaragua earthquake and years of civil war in the 1980s severely disrupted and stunted Managua’s growth. It was not until the mid-1990s that Managua began to see a resurgence.  The 1935 National Palace of Culture houses the National Museum. Hilltop Parque Histórico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa is known for its crater lake and huge statue of revolutionary Augusto Sandino. Managua wheelchair access is poor in this quite poor country.

Attractions and Opportunities

Lake Managua 

Masaya Volcano National Park

New Metropolitan Cathedral

Old Metropolitan Cathedral

New Metropolitan Cathedral

Palace of Culture of The City 

Puerto Salvador Allende Park



Managua wheelchair access

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